Ditching Google Reviews for Trustpilot: My Experience and Reasoning

Written by Ben Wall

Written by Ben Wall

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As a business owner, I understand the importance of online reviews in building credibility and attracting new clients. For years, I relied on Google Reviews to showcase my company’s success and value to potential customers. However, I recently decided to switch to Trustpilot for reasons I’ll discuss in this blog post.

The main reason for switching: Google’s inconsistency in showing reviews

Over the past 12 months, I’ve had four clients leave favourable 5-star reviews on my Google Business Profile that, for some unknown reason, have never appeared. When I contacted Google for an explanation, I received the typical faceless response one would expect from such a large corporation. The lack of transparency and support led me to consider other options, and that’s when I discovered Trustpilot.

Why I initially loved Google reviews:

There’s no denying the power of Google Reviews, especially regarding local searches. My business, for example, would often appear in the Google Maps rankings within 20-30 miles of my office, thanks to my 64 five-star reviews. This visibility provided a significant advantage over my competition and demonstrated my business’s value to potential clients searching for web design services.

Ditching Google Reviews

Trustpilot’s advantages:

While Trustpilot may not have the local search power of Google Reviews, it’s considered a more global review platform. This means that Trustpilot reviews will appear in Google rankings when someone searches for your business name outside your local area, which is a valuable asset in itself.

My Plan Moving Forward:

I will continue using Google Reviews but prioritise Trustpilot for new client reviews. I understand this might inconvenience clients, but I’ll explain my reasoning and request they leave a review on Trustpilot first to ensure their feedback is documented.

Should you leave your Google business profile?

If your business is entirely local-based, such as a shop or plumber, I recommend using Google Reviews as a significant part of your marketing strategy. However, for businesses with a wider reach, Trustpilot offers a reliable alternative for showcasing your company’s success and value to potential customers worldwide.

In conclusion, my decision to switch from Google Reviews to Trustpilot was primarily driven by Google’s inconsistency in displaying reviews and their lack of support. While Google Reviews still holds power in local search, Trustpilot offers a more global platform that can benefit businesses with a broader audience. As a business owner, evaluating the pros and cons of different review platforms and choosing the one that best suits your needs and goals is essential.



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