Advanced Google Search Tips for Power Users!

Written by Ben Wall

Written by Ben Wall

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In today’s digital age, the ability to search effectively online is a crucial skill for businesses. Mastering advanced Google search techniques can save time, improve research accuracy, and give your business a competitive edge. This article delves into advanced Google search tips, including using wildcards and combining searches, to help businesses optimise their search strategies.


Businesses often rely on Google searches for market research, competitor analysis, and staying updated with industry trends. While basic search techniques are sufficient for general queries, advanced search methods can yield more precise and relevant results. This article explores how using wildcards and combining searches can enhance your Google search capabilities, providing practical examples from real businesses.

Mastering Google Search with Wildcards

Search Using Wildcards

The asterisk (*) is a powerful tool in Google search. It acts as a placeholder for unknown or variable words, allowing users to fill in the blanks with the most relevant results. This technique is especially useful when you are unsure of the exact terms to use or when looking for a variety of results on a particular topic.

Example: Imagine you’re a travel agency in Loughborough that wanted to identify popular travel destinations for a new marketing campaign. By searching for ‘best * for travel’, you discovered a range of trending destinations such as ‘best cities for travel’, ‘best beaches for travel’, and ‘best countries for travel’. This would help you tailor a campaign to include a diverse selection of destinations, attracting a broader audience.

Combining Searches for Broader Results

Use “OR” to Combine Searches

Using “OR” between different search terms allows you to broaden your search results, making it easier to find relevant information across various related topics. This technique is beneficial when you want to explore multiple options or compare different elements.

Example: A recruitment firm was looking to expand its operations to either Spain or Portugal. By searching for ‘holiday in Spain OR Portugal’, they could gather comprehensive data on both destinations, including economic conditions, living standards, and business opportunities. This informed their decision-making process and helped them choose the best location for their expansion.

Practical Applications for Businesses

Enhancing Market Research

Advanced search techniques can significantly improve the quality of market research. By using wildcards and combining searches, businesses can gather more detailed and varied information, leading to better insights and more informed decisions.

Example: A fashion retailer used the wildcard search ‘latest * trends’ to identify emerging fashion trends. This approach revealed not only clothing trends but also accessory trends, colour trends, and fabric trends, enabling the retailer to stock a more diverse and appealing range of products.

Improving Competitor Analysis

Combining searches can also be useful for competitor analysis. By searching for different competitors and comparing their strategies, businesses can identify strengths and weaknesses and find opportunities to differentiate themselves.

Example: A tech startup searched for ‘software pricing models OR subscription models’ to compare how different competitors priced their products. This helped them develop a competitive pricing strategy that balanced affordability and profitability, giving them an edge in the market.


Mastering advanced Google search techniques like using wildcards and combining searches can greatly enhance a business’s ability to find relevant and comprehensive information. These methods save time, improve research accuracy, and provide deeper insights, ultimately helping businesses make more informed decisions.

Value Addition

To maximise the benefits of advanced Google search techniques, businesses should encourage employees to familiarise themselves with these methods. Regular training sessions and practical exercises can help staff become proficient in using these tools. Additionally, businesses should stay updated with any new search features Google introduces, as continuous improvement in search skills can lead to ongoing gains in efficiency and effectiveness.

By integrating these advanced search techniques into your daily operations, your business can stay ahead of the competition, make better-informed decisions, and drive overall growth and success.

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