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Sally Varley

About Sally Varley

Sally Varley: Fertility Expert

Website features

Brochure style website with sales page

The results

Sally is coming from an acupuncture background, and her old site was very much tailored towards this. The old site also looked a little out of date, and we wanted the new site to look modern and sleek.

Sally has been a dream to work with; not only is she a great client who I get on with on a personal basis, but she’s also taken steps to ensure this website is the best it can be. She’s taken on a copywriter and a graphic designer to really bring the site to life – this makes my job of designing the website much simpler since the copy and branding are already in place.

The main focus of is her sales page. This is the page with the most content and designed to provide her visitors with all the necessary information they would require before getting in touch. By the time Sally’s visitors have reached the bottom of the sales page, they should be fairly confident whether or not Sally’s fertility services are right for them – we then direct them through to a simple form to send Sally some more information.

We also utilise a marketing technique of providing value in exchange for newsletter signup – this means throughout the site, we’ve placed a CTA (call-to-action, you can find this CTA in the top-right hand corner on a desktop or within the mobile menu on your phone) asking users to signup to Sally’s newsletter in exchange for a PDF guide on getting pregnant. This is amazing and works wonders as it’s a win-win for Sally and her audience.


It’s very early days; the website has only been live a few weeks, but in Sally’s words: 4 sales calls booked in this week with another 3 in the pipeline, so it’s all definitely working!

Sally’s branding:
Content (copy) by:

Client review

Ben was recommended to me and now I’m recommending him to you! I find most tech stuff really challenging so it was great to work with someone as patient as Ben who helped explain everything in simple terms, even the really basic stuff that went over my head! I couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of the site. It’s really user friendly, with lots of little touches that really enhance the design. I’ve had lots of fantastic feedback on it – including from several people who also work in web design and optimisation and they assure me it’s ticking all the boxes! Ben is very easy going and responsive which made the whole experience pretty seamless and enjoyable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Thanks again Ben, I’m so pleased with my new site!
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