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Ben at dotwall built a website for my new business. He took some basic ideas and developed them into a fantastic looking site. I was particularly impressed with the way he explained all the ideas and focused on how it should look from a customer’s viewpoint. We have several meetings to make modifications and changes, and I never felt rushed. It has been a pleasure to work with Ben.

The Results

Chris at Lealindis started his own accountancy firm after 20-years in multinational organisation accounting roles. Chris and I actually met after looking at each other for services – I needed an accountant, and Chris needed a new website for his new business – and the rest is history, as they say!

Chris came to me with a brand logo already in place; we just needed to build the website around this. I designed the website around his logo colours and added some friendly fonts. The main heading and body text font used is Poppins, a friendly, approachable font that enables one to look professional and friendly at the same time.

Recently Chris has been excelling with finding work from a website called Bark, and had stacked up quite a lot of reviews praising him for his services. I wanted to emphasise this on his website so that any new visitors will instantly see and recognise the 5-star service offered by Lealindis. I placed a logo in the hero section (the section you first see when the site loads), one further down the home page, and another in the footer – placing it in the footer also means that the 5-stars is visible on every page of the website.

Need an accountant? Head over and check him out – tell him Ben from dotwall sent you 👍

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