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About IADA Ltd

The UK’s Largest Group Of Independent Distributors And Stockists Of All MRO Products And Associated Services Across Every Industrial Sector

Website Features

Brochure style website with find a store map locator

Client Review

My company were looking to revitalise our dated website. We were looking for something that was fresh and modern but would also still have a corporate feel to it. Ben absolutely nailed it! Ben is highly motivated, professional and very patient meaning that together we could design the exact website we wanted. Now we have a website to be proud of and already we know that our customers really like it too. Highly recommended from all at IADA limited. Excellent work Ben. Thank you 👍🏻

The Results

IADA’s previous website was built using WIX by one of the group members, and it was good, doing a job. Still, IADA needed to raise their online presence and project a professional appropriate to their audience. The goal for the website is to attract more members to the group and allow for news updates and showcase their nationwide locations on a map.

The old website lacked any real direction in terms of call-to-actions – this is something we wanted to address on the new website. The company had visitors calling them asking where the branch locator was on the website, even though it was in the menu system. To address this, we ensure the main call-to-action on the site was obvious and marked with the brand colour yellow. This makes it very visible on any page. We added a button labelled ‘branch locator‘ within the header section, which stays with you as you scroll down the page to ensure it’s always close by. We then ensured that the only place the visitor would see yellow on the website would link to the branch locator. This little design detail makes it super easy always to see and know where the branch locator is.

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