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"Ben is an absolutely awesome guy to work with if you want a new website creating. I needed a website for my bike fitting business and found Ben. Although he was already aware of the trade itself, he has a great understanding of not only how a website of today needs to look in order to attract customers, but he also understands the marketing side of it to help persuade a customer to buy into what you're selling. He sees the website from the customers eyes, and has that open minded approach. He made me feel more confident about what I'm offering, and therefore kept the wording of the main pages simple, direct and persuasive! I was educated in how to make simple changes to the website if required, but he was always on hand to help make changes if they seemed more complex. He has an eye for quality and detail down to the finest pixel of an image you might want to use for your website, it has to be perfect or there's no point! Ben also offers a maintenance package as part of his services which means you can just relax and know your website is secure, optimised and being looked after properly. A very worthwhile investment. You won't be disappointed with Dotwall Web Design."

Graeme at GV Pro Bike Fit

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I offer free homepage designs - just incase you're 50/50 and not sure about whether I can help.