The client

Emics – East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme

About Emics - East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme

EMICS is a network of volunteer doctors with specialist training in pre-hospital emergency medicine who assist East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) at the scene of life threatening emergencies.

Website Features

Charity website, donations page, add a doctor, events and blog

Client Review

As a charity we decided that we needed to update our online presence and Ben at Dotwall has been instrumental in doing just that. If we had any queries they were always dealt with quickly and professionally; he knows what works and has been very supportive. All the team at EMICS is very happy with what he has produced. The new website is up and running and within a couple of weeks we had started to receive donations – very important for a charity in these unprecedented times!

The Results

EMICS wanted a revamp their website which looked a little dated and wasn’t being maintained or utilised as it should be. We wanted to showcase the amazing doctors currently volunteering for EMICS as well as make it easier for more doctors to register their interest in volunteering via a custom contact form and of course, make it super easy for visitors to donate.

To make the process of updating the website as easy as possible for the EMICS team, I made the news, events and doctors page dynamic. This means all they have to do is log in to the website dashboard, click add doctors or add an event then fill in a couple of forms, add pictures and click publish. The website will then automatically update the records on the front end of the website. Not only does this ensure the website is kept consistent but super easy to update.

Want to donate to EMICS? Working together with Peaknet we implemented an awesome donate form, which is pulled in directly from Beacon (charity CMS platform). This donate form allows visitors to select whether it’s a one-off or a monthly payment – all right there within the donate page.

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