What you should be doing with your Google my business; daily, weekly and monthly

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Daily: Reviews, reviews, reviews

Every day you should be trying to get more reviews. Reviews are vital for getting a better ranking on your profile. Every single transaction you make or client you serve, ask for a review. Every-time you get a 5-star review, the better rank Google will reward you with.

Tip: when asking for a review, ask the client/customer if there is any reason why they can’t give you 5-stars. Allow them the opportunity to raise any concerns. This allows you the time to fix any issues before they review you. The last thing you want is a review rating between 1-4 stars. ⭐️

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Daily: Check your FAQs

Your GMB listing allows your visitors to ask questions. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t notify the business owner of this – meaning if a potential customer does ask a question, you might miss it. Keep an eye on these.

Weekly: Publish at least one post per week

Update your Google profile every-week with a new post, whether this is a new product, some company news or just a general update. Consistency updating your GMB profile will highlight to Google that your profile is active.

Weekly: Add new photos at least once per week

Same as post, ensure you post a picture at least once a week. Google loves profiles that are being updated on a consistent basis.

TIP: If your updating Facebook or Instagram, use the same images and update your GMB profile too.

Monthly: Hunt down spammers in your local area and report them

Did you know you can request a change on your local competitors GMB page? Well, you can. Look for direct competition against you in your local area and see if their profile is legit. The main discrepancy you’re looking for is the company name. Many companies use keywords in their GMB profile business name to get a better ranking on Google. For example – there is a dentist in London called ’24 hour emergency dentist at Kings Cross Dental’; however, their actual business name is Kings Cross Dental. Why are they doing this? They’re targeting the keywords ’24 hour emergency. Google are very strict with what your GMB name is allowed to be, and it’s only allowed to be your legal business name.

What you need to do?

Open the profile and click ‘Suggest an edit‘. Then choose to update the name. Update their name with their actual, legal business name. You might want to check their website to ensure their GMB business name is 100% different from their legal business name.

Once done, Google will review your edit and update it accordingly.


Once you’ve suggested the edit, that company will no longer rank for those keywords, and instead, they’ll have to rank for the words in their profile instead of the business name.

That’s it for today. Have good Saturday evening 🙂


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April 27, 2021
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