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What is Pixel Perfect Web Design?

What are pixels? Pixels are everywhere in your day-to-day life. They make up the picture on your phone, and TVs, in fact, any screen you see is made of pixels. Individual colours make up a larger picture.

Each element on a website can be changed pixel by pixel. When we deliver a website, we always aim to ensure 100% perfection-not a single pixel out of place! However, our services go far beyond perfect pixels. Consistency is key, through the fonts, buttons and even the colours. We aim to produce a website that showcases your vision, while also being pixel-perfect!

Why is this important?

The importance of perfection is never missed when working with us. We understand that your website is the gateway to your business and one of the vital make-or-break elements of success to your company’s image. A website that doesn’t appeal to the customers can significantly impact your visitor’s opinion. Spelling mistakes on the homepage? This proves a lack of attention to detail and may make the customer question how much you care. Do you know if your site doesn’t work on a mobile device? A non-friendly mobile website might look like you’re behind the times, and the customer will go with an up-to-date competitor with a better mobile experience. With dotwall Web Design, you can sit back and trust that your new website will be up-to-date, relevant and the perfect online representation of your business.

What this short video on our Pixel-Perfect Websites... 🎥

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