Do you need a website support package? (On-going backup and care) Part 1

Do you need on-going website support from your web designer when you buy a website?

I believe you do. A perfect analogy would be buying a brand new card. In this example, you’re happy to spend £30,000 on your new car. But wait! The dealership has just told you that there is no warranty with the car, and if anything goes wrong – you’ve got to foot the bill. Still, want to buy the car? 99/100 people would say NO!

It’s the same with a website. I always try and explain to new clients how important a care package is in that if anything goes wrong with the website, your revenue-generating asset also stops working.

A good agency or designer should always offer a care package. These typically range from £15-300 a month, depending on the scale of your website. Some bigger websites pay £1000’s a month for website care.

Here is a quick run-down of what should be included in an on-going care package:

  • ⛔️  CriticalUpdates and maintenance
    WIth any website, making sure it’s kept up to date is crucial. All website platforms are vulnerable to attack. And the first thing attackers look for are older, vulnerable websites that haven’t been updated in a year or two. These websites are the long hanging fruit. Not to mention all the benefits you’ll miss out on from new features.
  • ⛔️  CriticalWebsite backups
    Say you run and operate a blog, posting 2-5 times a week, 4 months down the line, your website is attacked, and the only way to take back control is to reset your entire website. You’ve just lost months of hard work. Not to mention if your website is an e-commerce
  • ⛔️ CriticalWebsite uptime / downtime
    Even the best websites with the best hosting go down from time-to-time. I’ve also seen it before whereby the client updated WordPress, which was a major update that caused the entire website to stop working. Why? Because the page builder that the website was using hadn’t been updated in time and therefore created a conflict which caused a huge failure. Any website updates on a care package should be done on a staging website which enables updating testing without effecting the main, live versions of the website.

The dotwall Website Care Support

If you choose my website care package not only are all the above covered ✅ but I also offer 1-hour of design time per month – and you’ll be amazed at what I can do in an hour. The sorts of things that I’ll do during this time:

  • Content updates ✅
  • Homepage updates (It’s always good to keep your homepage fresh, maybe seasonal?) ✅
  • Blog creation (client to supply the content and images) ✅
  • Even entire page creations ✅

Have a question about on-going website support? Get in touch.

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April 27, 2021
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