5 proven strategies to skyrocket your website visitors in the next 60 days

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Get more website visitors today!

Looking for more website visitors? I’ve put together strategies that, if implemented today, could massively boost your website visits over the next 60-days.

1. Google my business

Google My Business is one of the most underused assets at the disposal of small business owners. There have been countless times I have gone into work with a business, made a few quick changes to their Google listing, https://www.google.com/business/and they instantly started getting calls.

Less than half of all U.K businesses have claimed their Google My Business account and those that have are probably making critical mistakes with how it’s set up.

So, first let’s talk about what it is.

Google My Business is a free tool that gives you the ability to list your business on Google Maps. By listing your business, you will automatically show up when people near your location search for your services. You can expand the reach of your site by optimizing your listing (more on this later).

In most cases, the top 3-4 business listed typically take about 90% of the customers that come through Google. Many people call those top 3 spots the “Map Pack” and if you can land your business there, you could easily double your revenue.

The problem is, most business owners don’t know how to get your business to start ranking on the Map Pack. There are a few important things that absolutely need to be done to give your listing the best chance of ranking at the top of the results. If you follow these steps correctly, you should start seeing a change in your ranking within the next few weeks.

To correct this, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Have at least 10 photos uploaded at all times and add to them every month
  2. To stand out, use authentic pictures of you, your employees, your workspace, your location and your products. These types of photos get more views from customers and Google rewards pictures that catch the attention of browsers
  3. Be real and let your customers see the ins and outs of your business. Show them your processes, operations and events to help them feel comfortable with the way you do business.

You must have a killer business description that explains exactly what you do in simple terms if you want Google to make that connection.

To correct this, here’s what we recommend:

  • 1-2 sentence overview pitch to explain what you do and how it benefits customers
  • 1-2 sentences explaining what type of business you are and what areas you service
  • Bullet points about each service you perform
  • Remember, you are trying to sell your customer on using your services, so go into detail about how it benefits them to use your service. Don’t just talk about yourself!

2. Social Proof

After years of spam, scams, lotteries and giveaways, internet users have evolved. Each of us has developed a built-in B.S. radar that goes off every time we find something that seems untrustworthy on the web. We have raised our expectations regarding doing business on the internet, and one of those expectations is social proof.

We want to see for ourselves that a company is trustworthy, which can be accomplished in many ways. Testimonials, trust badges and case studies are just a few of the ways that you can offer social proof on your website.

It would be best to pack as much social proof on to your home page as possible. People don’t care what you say… they care what people say about you.

What kind of trust badges can you use?

You can use/create a badge out of any part of your business that you think will build trust. This can be:

  • Certifications
  • Licensing
  • Years in business
  • Customers served
  • Press releases (news stations, blogs, etc.)
  • + More

So, take some time and think… Why should they trust you and how can you show them?

3. Local Sales Video

Video content is king in 2021. People are reading less and watching more videos than ever before. In fact, over 70% of internet users choose video over text when given the option.

Website conversion rates skyrocket when video content is used.

When your video content has a message directly from the business owner (you), conversions can double, triple, and even quadruple.

So, pull out your camera or iPhone and shoot your main sales video today! It doesn’t have to be perfect quality, and you will probably think you sound silly, but this little video could skyrocket your revenue almost instantly.

4. Boost Google Reviews

Nearly every time this occurs, the business that has the highest rating and greatest quantity of reviews will get the call.

While online advertising costs rise higher and higher each year, many consumers are growing weary of paid ads. In fact, many browsers will scroll right passed the paid ads at the top of the search results so that they can see business reviews. What they are searching for is an authentic business that they know they can trust.

So how do you get people to leave you a review?

In a Harvard Business study on the effect of online reviews, they found that over 70% of consumers say they are willing to leave a review when asked. In the survey, most consumers reported that they don’t leave reviews solely because they didn’t know it was that important to the business owner.

5. Create A Killer Website Offer (Offer value first)

Don’t ask them to marry you on the first date!

Nearly all local business websites ask for the sale straight away. “Get a quote”, “Sign up”, “Get started” and “Contact Us” are the only options given to visitors. The unfortunate part is…

Consumers no longer go to a website to see what services a company offers and get their phone number. They go to find solutions to their problems without having to talk to a real person. If no solution is found, they move on. If a solution is found, they make a mental note of the provider of that solution, and they become the first resort when it comes time to buy.

This way, rather than outing the 97% that aren’t quite ready to make a buying commitment, we create goodwill with them that can eventually turn into hundreds and even thousands of new customers that otherwise would have left our site never to return again.

All you need to do is ask for their email in exchange for your free offer or solution. This way you can keep an open line of communication until they are ready to buy

So, let’s talk about some examples:

A tax planner should no longer encourage site visitors to “contact me”. Instead, he will offer a free guide called “How to Save Thousands on Taxes in 2019 in Just 3 Easy Steps”. He will require an email address from each prospect that wants to download the guide. Now rather than have 0 “contact me” submissions, he has 200 email addresses of prospects that he knows are looking to save money on taxes. Not only are they his perfect audience, they already trust him because he has already provided value.

Next, a property investing guru wants to sell people on an expensive course on “how to invest in your first property”. The chances of selling this to first-time site visitors are slim to none, so he offers a free excel spreadsheet download titled “The Exact Spreadsheet That I Use to Run My Numbers and Find the Perfect Investment Property”. Now rather than 0-course sales, he has a list of 400 aspiring real estate investors with whom he can build a relationship and eventually sell his course.

These are just a few examples but there is not a simple industry in which this strategy doesn’t work.

I hope you found this useful.

If you need any help with the points mentioned, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free 1-hour consultation call.

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April 27, 2021
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