I’ve changed my business name! dotwall > dotwall web design

It’s 20:02 and I almost didn’t write a post today, but I’m really, really trying to complete 30 days of blogging. I need to be more consistent.

📚 So today’s story:

My business name is dotwall. Dot as in .com and wall as in my surname. I feel it’s pretty good as far as names go for a web design business. However, I’ve been monitoring my Google rankings and unfortunately, I’m not as high as I want to be when searching for ‘web design near me.’ The reason for this? Google will rank local businesses on a number of factors, but one of those factors is keywords. If the business has a keyword in its name, they’re more likely to rank on Google. For example, if you’re in the market for an emergency dentist, and you live in London, you might Google ‘emergency dentist London.’ The companies that come up in the ‘map pack‘ (top 3 positions) are all companies that have those focus keywords in their business name.

It’s worth pointing out, if a business doesn’t have these “keywords” in the business name, legally (with Companies house), then they’re breaking the Google rules. They are then likely to either have their profile taken down or be forced to change to their legal business name.

These companies that appear in the top 3 positions are there because of their keywords. Not wanting to break the rules, I’ve registered a legal change with the government and companies house to change my name from dotwall to dotwall web designThis alone should boost my rankings. Now, when anyone within a few miles of me Google’s ‘web design near me‘. I should pop up 👋.

I’ll post another post of the results of this change and whether in fact it was worth the £8 the government charged me to change the name.

Stay tuned.


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April 27, 2021
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