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FREE Homepage Mockup


You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it, would you?

We didn’t think so. We offer a free homepage mockup service as it’s something we’d want ourselves if we was buying a website. Make sure we’re inline with your vision and business by choosing a free mockup today.

Free website mockup

What is a FREE homepage mockup?

Whether you already have a website or looking to create one from scratch, our free homepage mockup offer allows you to see your design before committing to us.

In today’s day and age, there are 1000’s of web design agencies and freelancers out there, all hoping you’ll pick them for your new website – how do you choose?

The standard process people go through when selecting a web design agency is to choose someone locally from a Google Search or go with someone recommended by a friend or colleague. The second of these options is perfect, and in fact, 90% of our work comes from referrals. With a referral, you’re likely to trust the designer to come up with something great, but still… you’re still in the dark as to what to expect from your new website design.

Prefer a RISK-FREE approach?

We work differently. We work to build your trust. We want a long-lasting relationship whereby your website becomes an integral part of your business.

By the time we’re working together on a homepage mockup, you’ll already be aligned with the project budget and scope.

This means once you’re happy with your homepage mockup, there shouldn’t be any surprises that stand in between you and your new website.


The Process

Phone Call

We get things started with a good ol’ fashion phone call. During the call, we’ll discuss:

  • Find out more about your business/organisation
  • Website requirements
  • Budget
  • Likes and dislikes of current websites
  • Your dreams for the new website (corny, we know)


Next, we’ll send your a questionnaire to fill in, don’t worry. You won’t be repeating yourself from our call – we’re more after examples of websites you like, links to colours you like and a few other minor details.


Follow up call

Just another call to clarify our findings, talk through the expected budget of the new website. Once we’re happy, we’ll get started on your FREE homepage mockup.


Mockup Delivered

Homepage delivery. We’ll send you our first mockup via email – accompanied by a video walking you through the design. During this video, we’ll talk you through the following:

  • Design overview
  • How the design aligns with your business brand and values
  • How the design is directly linked to gathering leads
  • Plus, anything else we feel you need to know


With your input, we’ll go back and make any necessary changes to get the design just right👌.

When you’re happy, we’ll start the official proceedings by sending you a proposal.


FREE Homepage FAQs

FREE? What's the catch?

No catch! We know that it’s a big bad world out there with all different kinds of companies with varying levels of integrity. We’re here to earn your trust and business. We believe in our work, and we believe in you to judge us fairly.

Does your business / organisation qualify?

The Free Mockup is only available to qualified projects.

To qualify your budget and scope must fall in line with our pricing and capabilities.

If your project scope or budget is not a fit then the Free Mockup is not available.

We reserve the right to refuse the Free Mockup offer to any project we feel we are not a fit with.

What to expect on your first mockup?

The mockup is a picture of the homepage of your new website, generally in PDF format accompanied by a video walkthrough.

The mockup you receive is by no means the final version of your website. However, you will have plenty of opportunities to go back and forth with the design to get it just the way you want.

If you hate the design, there are absolutely no hard feelings in parting ways.

How much is a dotwall Website?

Our free homepage mockup is only available on our Bespoke website packages. These start at £1,200.

We offer websites from £499 - however, these websites are based on our pre-made templates.

Not sure which website type is for you? Get in touch today, and we'll talk you through the options.

How long will it take to get your mockup?

Within 7-working days guaranteed, usually a lot quicker.

Are you sure I can reject the mockup with no obligation?

Absolutely, no hard feelings. 

Let's go!

Ready to Get Started?

Ping us a quick email via the form below and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

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Want a risk-free approach to your new website?

Get a free custom mockup of your new website delivered in 7 days with no cost or future obligation guaranteed.

Did you know?

I offer free homepage designs - just incase you're 50/50 and not sure about whether I can help.