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Our Core Values


Spectacular Client Service

We’re committed to making sure our clients have the best experience. That means listening and responding when they need us, but it also includes going above and beyond. All of that translates into a phenomenal service for any future client who seeks out our services because we care about what happens with them as well!

We believe in putting ourselves into everything we do – whether it’s taking feedback from an old customer or talking to someone new.

Our commitment goes far deeper than just seeing if people are satisfied; it’s ensuring every client will wholeheartedly recommend dotwall Web Design.

See our client reviews here.



We’re honest in our approach to your work. A good example is when a new client came to us with something outside the scope of what we do, rather than blagging it (you’ll be amazed how many agencies and designers do this). Instead, we told them, “unfortunately, this falls outside our scope of work, but we’d be more than happy to look for an agency to help with your project”.

This ensures you’re left knowing you’re being pointed in the right direction and that we’re not taking on work which will ultimately lead to poor client satisfaction.



We want to make sure that you have the best possible experience with us. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways of providing value. Yes, we’re better at pricing than city centre agencies, but it goes further than that. We offer value where you might not expect it, whether that’s some advice or a new software solution that’ll save you money in the long run or offering a brand guideline as a part of your web design process – we love adding value to your business.

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