A web designers computer setup

computer setup

A quick run-down of my computer setup that I use on a daily basis.

💻 1. Computer

Apple Macbook Pro 13″
With 8GB Ram and 256GB hard drive

For my main computer, I use a Macbook Pro. It’s a new model which now has a processor made by Apple (M1 chip) and to say I love this computer would be an understatement. It’s fast, build extremely well and has a lovely screen – which is super important when designing to ensure colour accuracy.

For the techies: The new M1 chip inside the Macbook Pro is revolutionary. Apple has designed and developed their own processor, rather than use Intel – they have total control over its performance, and they’ve optimised it to be used with their memory and motherboard, which makes it blazing fast and so much better than its nearest Windows competitor.

⌨️ 2. Keyboard

Logitech MX Keys Mac

This beauty of a keyboard is amazing. It might not be the best keyboard, but it’s perfect for what I do. Writing words on this thing is such a joy.

It’s wireless and LED backlit, so even when I’m typing in the dark I can clearly see what I’m doing.

🖥 3. Monitor

Samsung 4K Ultra HD 28” LED Monitor

The reason behind buying this monitor is simple: it’s big. Having a big monitor allows me to have multiple items open on the screen simultaneously, side-by-side. It’s also 4k, which means the resolution is super high, so everything looks tiny on the screen, making it easier to stack things side-by-side.

🔈 4. Speakers

PreSonus Eris E3.5

I’ve touched briefly on these speakers before, but having them makes spending 8+ hours a day at my desk that little bit more bearable.

They’re classed as studio speakers, which means they produce extremely accurate sound. The same sound that the person who created the music wants you to hear. Many speakers systems these days – Sonos, for example, manipulate the sound to make it sounds more appealing, mostly by adding bass.

These are the smallest model in the range, making them ideal for desk speakers where I’m only sat a couple of feet away.

They’re also sat on foam insulation pads to ensure the sound doesn’t reverberate around the desk.

Image taken from PreSonus website: https://www.presonus.com/products/Eris-E35

🐭 5. Mouse

Logitech G502 Hero

This is actually a gaming mouse, on the basis that it’s wicked quick, accurate and has lots of buttons that can be customized to do different actions. For example, I have the button on the mouse’s left (the one nearest my thumb) to refresh the screen. As a web designer, I’m constantly making a change to a website page, then refreshing it to see the change on the live site. So rather than moving the mouse up to the refresh button, I can click this button – sounds lazy but trust me, all those seconds wasted add up.

The only downside to this mouse is that it’s wired. They do a wireless version, but it’s a little more money, and I got a mega deal on the wired one.

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April 27, 2021
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