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A simple introduction to SEO by Google

A super introductory video on SEO and how to rank your content in Google Search has been released by Google’s Creators channel. This video is excellent for those who are just starting in SEO or want to learn more about how Google ranks websites.

Here are the four tips from Google’s video:

The 1st Tip is to create valuable and informative content. Google said to keep the content clear and straightforward and use headings and subheadings to help. Using the URL Inspection tool in Google Search Console, you can check if the page is indexed correctly.

The second tip is to avoid copying content from other websites: This might lead to Google remembering your site and decreasing its value. During the video, external links to your site are mentioned as important because they provide Google with more context about your website. The best way to get external links is to collaborate with other creators or be a source of knowledge. Be creative regarding getting links, but don’t pay for link-building services.

Tip3, if you have identified the popular searchers among your optimal audience, then you should use these keywords in your title and in your text. Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Planner can be useful.

In tip 4, he said that since Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving, you should make your content both for readers and search engines.

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Ian Russel

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We have dealt with Ben, at Dotwall, to establish our new Website. He has designed a fantastic, easy to use, informative website for us. We are a menswear retail and hire wear store and with Ben’s vast knowledge we have worked together to ensure our new website delivers everything we need our customers to know.

Steve Scott

“If you need a website creating Ben’s your man”
Really impressed with Ben – he’s created a fantastic website for the bar which is beyond my expectations. If you need a website creating Ben’s your man !

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